Parent Awareness Session of Support around Youth Violence

May 5th, 2024 2 minute read



In May 2024, we had the privilege of hosting an enlightening Parent and Carer session with Anti-Violence Campaigner, Alison Cope.

Alison Cope delivers hard-hitting and memorable workshops about the harsh realities and repercussions of youth violence. Alison's impactful presentations delve into crucial topics such as the significance of prevention, the profound impact of choices on loved ones, and ways in which both young people and caregivers can nurture hope for the future.

Alison continues to deliver sessions across Greater Manchester high schools and colleges. Each session provides an opportunity to find out what young people think about knife crime, offer reassurance, bring home the realities that picking up a knife will never resolve a situation, and empower young people to speak up so that support can be provided where needed. Several safeguarding referrals and requests for further support have been generated because of the sessions.

Future Parent Sessions with Alison:

For those who missed this impactful caregiver-focused session, we are planning to offer additional workshops with Alison in the future. If you are interested in participating, please take a moment to fill out the short form below.

We extend a warm welcome to all parents, carers, and professionals to join us in these valuable discussions.