What does Parent and Carer Support look like?

The Parent and Carer (PACS) project, established in October 2023, is dedicated to supporting parents and carers in Greater Manchester who are concerned about their child or worried they may be at risk of violence. 

As parents and caregivers, we all worry about our children from time to time, but when a concern is troubling you it can be difficult to know where to turn. We have listened to parents and our research shows that caregivers are looking for one-to-one support, peer support, advice and guidance when their child’s behaviour is becoming a concern.

Request a call back or make a referral and a member of the team will arrange a face-to-face appointment to get you started.

Parent and Carers at a workshop
Family in a cafe
Parent with two children face painting workshop
Child getting food in cafeteria
Parent with children in paper craft workshop
Parent painting with children
Support worker with parent
Parent, carers and children litter picking
Child with painting of a dog
Carers with child with a birthday cake
Parent, support workers and children after a football match
Child drawing a dog

Our criteria

We typically engage with parents of children aged 8 and above, focusing on issues such as youth violence, oppositional behaviour and risk-taking activities. This is not to say we cannot make exceptions based on suitability. 

Get the support you need from our expert support team

Contact us to discover the help and support available for you or someone within your community. Please ensure that parent or carer consent has been given before making a referral.

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Access our support channels

If you have concerns about your child’s behaviour, make a self-referral, or if you are a professional you can refer parents and caregivers here.

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Talk to our advice team

If you would like a callback from our expert team about your child’s behaviour or to find out more information on how we can help, you can enter your details here.

Cases of the parents and carers we’ve supported

“I didn’t know what to do about Jake’s behaviour, he was so demanding all the time and being verbally abusive to his sister.”

Mum of two children

“I don’t feel I have any support at home. After my separation my eldest would get angry so quickly. I don’t know what to do.”

Mum of two children

“Bobby just goes out every night and won’t come back when I say. I’m worried about who he’s hanging around with.”

Mum of one child

“Lucy was bullied at school and it seemed extreme, I didn’t feel listened to by the school.”

Dad of one child

Meet Our Expert Team

Our team listens to parents and caregivers offering one-to-one support, peer support, advice, and guidance when their child’s behaviour is becoming a concern.

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Nicola Hill

Senior Support Worker

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Lisa Thomas

Support Worker

Jessica Maddocks

Support Worker

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Hafeezah Patel


Francesca Hampson


Jade Munro

Support Worker

Louise Cherry

Support Worker

Emma Dalli

Support Worker

Lauren Taylor

Support Worker

Katie Harwood

Support Worker

Vanessa Flannery

Triage Parent and Carer Worker

Joanne Crewe

Triage Parent and Carer Worker