Free online safety virtual workshop (NSPCC)

June 12th, 2024 1 minute read



Empowering Parents and Carers for the Digital Age.

The NSPCC's Keeping Children Safe Online workshop equips parents and carers with essential information on how to support their child in their online world. This hour presentation covers critical topics such as:

  • Online Bullying: Recognize and address cyberbullying.

  • Mental Health: Understand the impact of online activity on mental well-being.

  • Social Media: Learn best practices for safe social media use.

The workshop also provides valuable resources and signposts to organizations for additional help and support.

This session will be taking place on Tuesday 13th August from 6-7PM.

If you can't make this session, or would prefer to go through the content in your own time visit the link below to watch the 40-minute pre-recorded presentation.